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The design and the construction of the foundation is very important to the long term stability of the home. The foundation must be solid and even so that it correctly supports the weight of the structure. 

In some cases, a deeper foundation is needed for ground that is soft or uneven, or ground that is exposed to large temperature variations (freezing and thawing).

Four types of foundation

  • Metal foundation
  • Concrete foundation
  • Block foundation
  • Metal screw foundation

The MicroHomes team is available to discuss foundation requirements for a customer’s particular building site.


By MicroHomes team:

  • Installation 2 hours per module
  • Pricing
    • Crane
    • Workers travelling & housing

By local construction team:

  • We send our project manager
  • Pricing
    • Construction company costs
    • Project manager costs

Concept allows to add/remove modules anytime

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